Tools for Civic Engagement

At TCI, we believe that supporting diversity and inclusion in education is key to eradicating racism in our society.

It is important that students have opportunities to talk about recent events, such as the stories of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, as well as discuss the ways that Americans are sharing their voices about how our society treats people of color. We know that as educators you have the difficult and important job of supporting students with tools and resources that will help them have productive conversations. These conversations place these pivotal events in a historical context and help students understand the role that civic engagement plays in our democracy and our history.

We continue to update our tools and resources to help educators guide students through these sensitive discussions and place current events in a historical context. We know you have students who want to make their voices heard. TCI is making its Citizenship Toolkit available to all teachers as a valuable resource that provides concrete resources to teach students how to engage in civic action.

Social studies and science education will always play a critical role in helping students understand their world and make informed decisions about their participation in it. Through equitable, engaging learning opportunities, our students will become engaged citizens who will change the world.


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