Using ESSER Funds Before They Expire on September 30, 2024

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) program was introduced to provide federal funding assistance to K-12 schools nationwide. This funding aimed to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on student learning and support schools during these challenging times. The federal government has allocated approximately $190 billion through three rounds of funding, allowing schools to address learning loss, improve infrastructure, and enhance student well-being.

While ESSER I and II funding rounds have ended, schools can still use ESSER III funds until September 30, 2024. Additionally, the Department of Education announced that state agencies, school districts, and other sub-recipients of ESSER III funding can request an extension to use or liquidate funds until March 2026.

Enhancing Student Learning with TCI

Among the broad range of uses outlined in the ESSER, here are examples of how you can use the funds with TCI:

1. Address Learning Loss through Evidence-Based Activities
Active learning is at the core of TCI’s approach. Each lesson incorporates proven classroom strategies that foster student curiosity, engagement, and critical thinking. Our flexible and blended learning solutions empower students to ask questions, conduct purposeful research, and communicate ideas effectively. By providing opportunities to make evidence-based arguments, TCI helps students become informed citizens who can tackle real-world challenges.

Hand-On Learning

2. Summer Learning and After-School Programs
To mitigate learning loss, schools can leverage TCI’s robust online platform and print programs during summer months or for supplemental after-school programs. These resources provide students with engaging activities that reinforce learning objectives while captivating their interest in science and social studies. This continuity of education ensures that students are well-prepared and motivated when returning to school.

3. High-Quality Assessments
TCI’s standards-aligned K-12 social studies and K-8 science programs offer a wide range of assessment tools, including flexible grading features, customizable lesson assessments, and performance assessments. These assessments allow teachers to effectively evaluate students’ mastery of skills throughout the academic year. Identifying areas of improvement helps schools personalize instruction, ensuring student success.

4. Support At-Risk, Minority, and English Learners
TCI is committed to providing engaging learning opportunities for all students. Our programs incorporate various tools for English Learner support, including closed captioning, text-to-speech functionality, Spanish translations, reading levels, and more. This comprehensive approach enables schools to meet the unique needs of at-risk, minority, and English learner students, ultimately fostering an inclusive learning environment.

5. Professional Development
In addition to educational resources, TCI offers professional development courses, training, webinars, office hours, and other valuable resources to help educators and administrators cater to their schools’ unique needs. These opportunities equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize the use of TCI products and effectively engage students in the learning process.

Streamlined tracking

6. Software, Hardware, and Connectivity
With TCI’s flexible curriculum and digital platform, teachers can transition seamlessly between physical classrooms and blended learning environments. TCI also integrates with various rostering and learning managemenet solutions to ensure that teachers and students have the connectivity they need. This enables effective communication and collaboration between teachers and students, regardless of the learning environment.

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