A Simplified Approach to Curriculum Adoption and Implementation

A flexible, easy-to-implement curriculum interweaves seamlessly with teachers’ current practices.

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Simplified Curriculum

We Make Curriculum Adoption and Implementation Simple

Making Curriculum Adoption Simple

Adopting a new curriculum is a complex process with many steps and stakeholders. Finding the right curriculum-one that supports different types of learners, different teaching styles, and rigorous state standards-is no easy matter.

TCI excels at making curriculum adoption and implementation easy. We provide continuous support that incorporates teacher feedback before, during, and after adoption. Teachers trust TCI to match interactive, standards-aligned learning experiences with unparalleled teacher support that lessens the burden placed on teachers-so they can focus on student success.

What Makes TCI Different

Our teacher-first approach aligns the realities of the classroom with student needs to deliver a curriculum that makes instruction simple for teachers.

Interactive Lesson Plans

Simple Implementation

Easy-to-use lesson plans with engaging activities and a dedicated support team make implementation easy for teachers.

Flexible Curriculum

Flexible Curriculum

Not every lesson in a unit will work in every classroom. Our curriculum provides teachers with all the support and resources they need to quickly adapt or modify lesson plans for their individual classroom needs.

Lesson Games and Investigation

Blended Learning

Distance and blended learning practices are fundamental to TCI, and we support districts and teachers in finding new ways to inspire students in a lifelong learning journey.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Instruction

  • Accurate and Diverse Content – Students can easily connect content with the real world and see themselves and their communities represented.
  • Differentiated Learning Instruction – Our science and social studies curriculum provides various support tools, including ELL support, closed captioning, text-to-speech, Spanish translations, reading levels, and more to meet students’ unique learning needs.
  • We are proud to support students with disabilities by delivering online content that complies with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (WCAG 2.0 AA) web accessibility standard.
Educational Equity

Continuous Access to the Experts at TCI

Customer Support

Our experts know TCI can change classrooms and change students. Many of us are teachers and educators. We will be with you every step of the way to answer questions, incorporate feedback, and provide support while vetting our curriculum and beyond.

  • In-house Software Development Team
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Digital Support Tutorials and Guides
  • On-Demand Professional Development Courses

Provide Teachers a Curriculum That Works

Teachers are busy, in-the-thick-of-it experts. Every choice we make at TCI is done to simplify the administrative and planning aspects of teaching so that your experts can create meaningful, immersive experiences for students.

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