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Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

Build a strong foundation for tomorrow’s leaders with TCI’s Social Studies Alive! elementary program.

An Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Built to Engage

Students learn best when completely immersed in their learning environment. They learn best when activities are memorable. TCI integrates engaging activities, aligned with state-specific standards into every unit.

Award-winning Social Studies Alive! elementary program.

  • Hands-On Activities: Get your students thinking, talking, moving, and asking big questions with TCI’s unique, student-centered activities.
  • Inquiry-Based Lessons: Our Social Studies Alive! programs are designed to help students master essential skills and knowledge. Every unit includes primary sources and inquiry-based projects to help students develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Flexible and Ready-to-Teach Lessons: Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, make every minute count with our ready-to-teach lessons and activities.

Everything Teachers Need For Success

Our elementary social studies curriculum ensures that educators can focus on differentiating instruction and supporting students by providing everything teachers need for success.

  • Digital Resources to Online Social Studies Curriculum
  • Social Studies Textbook and Student Journals
  • Audio and Digital Tutorials, Translations, and More
  • Interactive Presentations and Videos
  • Standards-Aligned Immersive Activities
  • Customizable Assessments

Literacy in Social Studies

Literacy is an important component of any student’s education. That is why we have integrated it into all of our lesson-planning tools and resources in addition to ensuring that instruction meets the NCSS social studies standards.

Keep Learning Going

Explore Our Social Studies Curriculum

In this program, you’ll find a thoughtfully designed K-5 curriculum with engaging activities, ELA integration, and easy-to-use materials.

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