Many Ways to Assess with TCI

TCI’s K-12 social studies programs provide various assessments. Pick from TCI-created games, processing assignments, and tests—or make your own with TCI’s test builder tool. Best of all, you can easily track student progress on assessments with TCI’s online grade book.

Pick from TCI’s Flexible Options

TCI’s pre-assessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments allow you to gauge student progress in many ways and provide a comprehensive picture of their learning. Each TCI program offers many assessment options so you can choose the ones that work for your students.


Start with one of TCI’s pre-assessments at the beginning of a unit or lesson. Assign the Preview activity or Lesson Review Game before the lesson to assess students’ prior knowledge and readiness. TCI’s secondary programs include additional pre-assessments, such as Unit Pre-Tests and KWL Charts.

Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are woven throughout each lesson. As you teach, you can use these assessments to evaluate student progress and modify instruction as needed. Here are a few examples.

  • Student Journals/Interactive Student Notebooks As students complete the prompts in their journals or notebooks, circulate around the room, looking for evidence of understanding and asking questions to assess comprehension.
  • Activity Discussion questions are embedded throughout each activity, providing ample opportunities for formative assessment. Listen carefully to student answers so that you can reteach as necessary.
  • Vocabulary Cards Using the Vocabulary Cards, you can assess students’ grasp of key social studies terms in the lesson. You might have students self-assess by testing themselves or each other, or you could use the flip cards as part of a whole class review game.

Summative Assessments

Each TCI lesson includes options for summative assessments, such as the Processing activity, games, and the TCI test. The lesson’s Processing activity asks students to apply what they have learned in creative ways by writing evidence-based articles, creating posters, conducting interviews, and more. You can also assign one of the games to review vocabulary terms or main ideas from the lesson.

Each lesson also includes a TCI-created test that comes with a mix of depth of knowledge questions. Students respond to multiple-choice questions and higher-order thinking questions that ask them to analyze timelines, maps, and essay prompts.

Make Assessments Your Own with TCI’s Test Builder

Looking to customize assessments? TCI’s robust test builder tool allows you to edit a TCI-created test or build one from scratch. You can also browse and select questions submitted by other teachers in your district.

With the tool, you can create various question types, from multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions to open-ended writing and drawing questions. Once you are done building, you can assign the test to students or share the test with teachers. The customized assessment also syncs easily with Google Classroom and other learning management systems.

Examine Trends to Assign, Assess, Reteach

TCI’s online assignment and grading tools make tracking student progress easy. Games and multiple-choice questions are automatically graded. Teachers can also easily grade short responses through the digital platform.

With TCI’s grade book, you can see a bird’s-eye view of your class trends or drill in to see how an individual student is doing. Use these trends to see which key concepts your students might need additional help with and to keep track of class progress throughout the year.

Sample TCI’s Social Studies Programs

TCI’s social studies programs include many opportunities for assessment. Want to explore the programs? Sample TCI.

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