Middle School Science Integrated

Middle School Integrated Science Curriculum

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! Middle School Integrated program was designed with one primary goal: to help students master three-dimensional learning set forth in the NGSS framework.

Bring Science Alive!

TCI’s award-winning online curriculum revolutionizing classrooms across the country. (1:31)

You Have Never Seen a Classroom Like This

When you teach with TCI’s Bring Science Alive! program, your classroom feels different. There is a palpable energy that comes with students collaborating, discovering, and having fun as they learn. Every lesson includes in-class investigations, online media, engaging text, and varied customizable assessments—all in support of instruction of NGSS’s three dimensions: science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.

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See how our science program covers standards in less time and offers a rich and engaging experience for students.

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Middle School Science Program

Phenomena-Rich Program

We believe that phenomena make science more meaningful for students. Our science program provides many opportunities for students to engage with, investigate, and make sense of natural phenomena in their own lives

  • Integrated Phenomena
  • Anchoring Phenomena
  • Lesson Phenomena
  • Local Phenomena

Complete Investigation Kits and Student Resources

Every unit includes memorable, engaging activities and comprehensive Investigation Kits that provide the materials, tools, and supplemental resources teachers need to bring interactive lessons to life.

  • Interactive Student Workbooks
  • Fully-Stocked Investigation Kits
  • Online Lesson Games and Activities
  • Print and Digital Textbooks
  • Professionally-Translated Spanish Components
MS Science Integrated Program Components
Check Student Progress

Easily Check Student Progress

Measure and report on student progress with ease, using customizable assessments at the lesson and unit level.

  • Customizable Lesson Assessments provide selected- and constructed-response questions that incorporate three dimensions of NGSS and include answer keys and rubrics.
  • Unit-Based Performance Assessments include hands-on activities and written oral assignments that assess student understanding in a meaningful, comprehensive way.
Bring science alive

Bring Science Alive! in Your Classroom

A TCI classroom puts student learning and teacher needs first. Find out why teachers choose TCI curriculum to support their teaching and instill a love of learning in their students.

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