Exploring Science with TCI’s Key Science Concept Videos

Take students on a trip to outer space or zoom in and examine microscopic particles. TCI’s Key Science Concept Videos break down complex science concepts in under 5 minutes using clear, real-world examples.

Check Out TCI’s Key Science Concept Videos

TCI’s Key Science Concept Videos are found in Bring Science Alive! middle school science curriculum. These bite-sized videos help reach students who prefer learning with visuals and animations. Through videos, students can explore science in ways that would otherwise be hard to see without special tools like microscopes.

For example, observing phenomena that occur on a small scale can be aided with video. In Bring Science Alive! Matter, Key Science Concept Videos use animation models to show how particles that are too small to see with the naked eye behave with thermal energy.

Similarly, without telescopes and other equipment, students cannot observe the scale of the universe easily. However, in Bring Science Alive! Space, students can explore the depths of space through video and animation.

Assess Student Understanding of Science Concepts

The Key Science Concept Video Activities include short, interactive questions that provide real-time feedback. The results are automatically pulled into the TCI Grades page so you can easily check for student understanding.

example of drag and drop interaction

3 Ways to Use Key Science Concept Video Activities in Your Class

From increasing engagement to reviewing concepts before an assessment, there are many ways to incorporate TCI’s Key Science Concept Video Activities into your lesson plans. Here are three examples of how videos can be powerful tools for enriching science middle school classrooms.

  1. Preview lesson’s concepts. Try kicking off a lesson with TCI’s Key Science Concept videos to preview the main ideas in a lesson. Because the videos are short, students can view them repeatedly throughout the lesson.
  2. Create a multimodal approach to learning. Using multiple modalities to engage students can help you reach and support more learners. Pair Key Science Concept videos with the reading and hands-on investigation to deepen students’ understanding of scientific ideas. The Key Science Concept videos reinforce the same ideas from the lesson and offer another opportunity for students to explore the lesson’s main ideas.
  3. Review Key Concepts. Complete the Key Science Concept Video Activity as part of the lesson’s Wrap Up. Reviewing the lesson’s key concepts can help students summarize what they learned and prepare for the assessment.

While TCI’s pedagogy is based on active instruction and hands-on investigations, videos are strategically incorporated into the curriculum to support student engagement and enhance the learning experience. When used intentionally, videos can have a meaningful impact on teaching and learning. In addition to Key Science Concept Videos, Bring Science Alive! incorporates videos to explore real-world phenomena and introduce unit storylines.

Sample Bring Science Alive!

TCI’s K-8 science programs include more than just videos. Bring Science Alive! makes teaching to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) easy and engaging with flexible lesson plans, hands-on investigations, and thoughtfully-designed units.

Want to explore the programs? Sample Bring Science Alive!

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