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Elementary Science Curriculum

K-5 science curriculum designed to develop young students’ curiosity and inspire them to be tomorrow’s explorers.

Bring Science Alive!

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Explore the Elementary Classroom

The K-5 science classroom is where the foundations of great scientific inquiry begin. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), see how TCI’s curriculum drives student engagement and spurs inquisitive minds to consider, question, collaborate, and create.

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Giving Teachers Everything They Need

We understand the challenges teachers face today—we’ve been there. TCI’s programs come with classroom strategies, time-saving tips, and easy-to-use resources to streamline your day.

  • Flexible Lesson Plans and Teacher Manuals
  • Embedded Literacy Standards
  • Interactive Student Journals
  • Print and Digital Supplements
  • Artifacts and Lesson Materials
  • Investigation Kits and Engineering Challenges


Science Journals That Spark Curiosity

Ignite a passion for reading and learning science concepts with our easy-to-use, colorful science journals.

  • Students get access to everything they need in one place.
  • The Unit Checkpoint helps students build an explanation of the phenomenon as each unit progresses.
  • With hands-on engineering investigations, students master each lesson’s three-dimensional learning while acting like scientists to solve real-world problems.
  • Our Text with Notes feature allows students to capture key information while they read, helping them build a comprehensive—and personal—repository of three-dimensional learning.
  • With engaging performance assessment, students apply what they’ve learned, making it simple to evaluate their understanding across the three dimensions.
Science Journal

Designed For NGSS

TCI ‘s curriculum is built from the ground up for NGSS. We ensure the standards are covered so teachers can focus on aiding students in the development of scientific skills, such as observation, inquiry, argument, collaboration, and communication.

  • Integrated Science and Engineering Practices
  • Explorations of Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • Embedded Crosscutting Concepts

Download NGSS Guide for K-5 Curriculum Programs


Try TCI and See Inspiration in Action

Share something great with the teachers and committees in your school district. Share TCI. We promise to stand side-by-side with educators in providing an immersive, simple-to-use curriculum that meets the flexible needs of the classroom.

TCI’s K-5 Elementary Science Curriculum

TCI’s elementary science curriculum is built in alignment with NGSS and is constructed with three-dimensional, inquiry-based instruction at its core.

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Literacy In Science

Our curriculum interweaves literacy and science to strengthen communication and scientific understanding.

  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills are introduced in every science unit.
  • The rich content promotes a close reading of the text.
  • Blended informational and literary text selections are included.
  • Students use all three types of writing to draw evidence and support claims.
  • Structured “Science Talks” promote collaboration and communication.

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