6 Planning Tools for TCI Science Teachers

With robust online and print resources, TCI’s Bring Science Alive! programs for K-8 classrooms provide comprehensive support to build teacher confidence. Here are six TCI tools that will help you keep science expertise at your fingertips.

1. Interactive Slideshows

TCI’s investigations are delivered through classroom-friendly slideshows. These slideshows include clear investigation procedures, discussion questions compelling visuals of phenomena, interactions, notes for the teacher, reading, and questions. Review these slideshows as you plan a lesson. You can also customize the slideshows by adding multimedia, editing content, and deleting slides.

slide with instructions for building a telescope

2. Planning and Teacher Prep

Planning information for each lesson is available online and in print with the Teachers’ Guide. Each investigation comes with information on pacing, advanced prep instructions, materials lists, and more. Use the enhancing learning resources to integrate outside games, simulations, and websites into your lesson plan.

3. Instructional Videos

Along with written procedures, instructional videos are included in investigations that require additional setup. The videos provide an overview of the investigation and clear step-by-step guidance.

video clip that demonstrates how to build a telescope

4. Science Backgrounds

Whether you are new to teaching science or just need a refresher, TCI’s science backgrounds and misconceptions will support you as you teach complex concepts. The science backgrounds provide general background knowledge. For example, when students are investigating states of matter, the science background reviews thermal energy transfer, atmospheric pressure, and phase transitions.

diagram of phase transitions

5. Differentiating Instruction

Reach all learners in the classroom with differentiated instructions for each lesson. These instructions provide adjustments and tools to support English learners, learners with special education needs, and advanced learners.

differentiating instructions and worksheets

6. NGSS Unit and Lesson Progressions

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is focused on building science concepts coherently across grade levels. TCI’s unit and lesson progressions walk you through the concepts taught in the program and how that knowledge builds throughout the Bring Science Alive! programs.

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