Building a Strong Foundation

High School Social Studies Curriculum

TCI’s high school social studies curriculum program aims at giving students a strong foundation for excelling in college, career, and civic life.

Helping Students Navigate the Path to College

Our in-depth social studies curriculum for high school students is robust, engaging, and results-focused. Students complete collaborative projects, writing assignments, critical-thinking challenges, and problem-solving group work. TCI’s high school programs give students a unique advantage as they prepare for college and beyond.

Meaningful Content

Meaningful Content

TCI’s programs are designed to help students master the essential skills and knowledge set forth in your state’s high school standards. Programs are updated with relevant, current content. Students analyze documents such as primary sources, court cases, and case studies related to the program.

Writing for Understading

Inquiry-Based Learning

Active learning is at TCI’s core; every lesson utilizes at least one of our six unique, hands-on classroom strategies. TCI activities get students excited and curious; students are inspired to ask questions and conduct purposeful research.

Developing Active Citizenship

Students “do democracy” through civic discourse and by engaging with their local communities. They build historical empathy by reading various perspectives, make written and oral arguments, and share claims that are supported with evidence; they also take informed action when appropriate.

High School Social Studies Program Components

Setting High School Teachers Up For Success

TCI makes teaching easier for you. Our High School Social Studies Curriculum programs offer ready-to-teach lesson presentations, print, and digital student resources, and a variety of assessments to evaluate student progress and mastery of content and skills.

  • Social Studies Textbook and Online Resources
  • Reusable Placards for Student Analysis of Images, Primary Sources, and Graphs
  • Audio and Digital Tutorials, Translations, and More
  • Interactive Presentations and Videos
  • Standards-Aligned Immersive Activities
  • Customizable Formative Assessments

Explore Our High School Social Studies Curriculum

High School Social Studies CTA

Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders to Action

Our social studies curriculum is built to help students develop critical thinking and connect to the world around them. By partnering with TCI, you give your teachers what they need to help build the world of tomorrow.

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