Building a Strong Foundation

High School Social Studies Curriculum

TCI’s high school social studies curriculum program aims at giving students a strong foundation for excelling in college, career, and civic life.

Real-World Ready

Sharpen your students’ social studies skills to prepare them for life after high school and to be citizens in the real world. Our in-depth social studies curriculum for high school students is robust, engaging, and results-focused.

Develop civic skills

Critical Thinking Challenges

TCI’s programs help students master the essential skills and knowledge outlined in your state’s high school standards. Programs are updated with relevant, current content. Students complete collaborative projects, writing assignments, and problem-solving group work.

HS-SS-Hands-on Activites

Inquiry-Based Learning

TCI’s unique, student-centered approach gets students thinking, talking, and asking big questions about the world around them. Dynamic hands-on activities inspire students to explore history and actively participate in class.


Promotes Citizenship

Prepare students to become informed, civically engaged members of their communities. Students have meaningful civil discussions and learn about multiple perspectives.

Engagement That Works

TCI’s high school social studies programs integrate proven teaching strategies, engaging content, and meaningful technology to excite students, foster their love of learning, and create memorable classroom experiences.


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