High School Social Studies Curriculum

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Engage All Learners

TCI’s high school social studies programs integrate proven teaching strategies, engaging content, and meaningful technology to excite students, foster their love of learning, and create memorable classroom experiences.

Support All Learners

TCI’s programs include a number of reading tools, strategies, and activities to provide extra support for students. Explore our English language support features

HS social studies reading support

Built-In Reading Support

Tools like differentiated reading levels, text-to-speech, main ideas, and highlighting provide extra reading support. Students can build their vocabulary with checks for understanding and vocabulary cards.

Spanish Immersion

TCI’s programs are available in English and Spanish to support dual immersion classrooms and English Learners. 

Differentiating Instruction

Each lesson includes adjustments to support English Learners, Learners with Special Education Needs, Learners Reading and Writing Below Grade Level, and Advanced Learners. 

Inquiry Projects and More

Students discuss Muslim innovations.

Build Inquiry Skills

TCI’s unit projects provide even more opportunities for engagement. Students read primary sources, case studies, and other expository texts to dive deeper into the lesson. Each unit includes an inquiry pathway.

Financial Literacy Month

Make a Financial Plan

From budgeting to using credit wisely, TCI’s high school economics program prepares students for their financial futures. The Personal Finance Toolkit, for example, will help students assess their financial literacy, develop essential financial skills, and begin to plan their finances.


Be an Active Citizen

Prepare students to become informed, civically engaged members of their communities with TCI’s high school U.S. government program. The Doing Democracy toolkit and political inquiry projects provide the tools students need to explore political systems.

Many Ways to Assess

Formative and summative assessments are woven throughout every TCI lesson and reading, including creative processing assignments, lesson games, and TCI’s customizable tests.

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Teacher Support

Planning Tools

TCI makes your life easier with comprehensive teacher support, including pacing guides, enhancing learning, and differentiating instruction.

Seamless Tech Integrations

Rostering + Learning Management Systems
Our digital platform integrates seamlessly, allowing you to stay connected with your students. Explore our LMS integrations.

Why Teachers Love TCI

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