Engagement in TCI’s Science Assessments

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! programs approach assessments with engagement in mind. From thought-provoking discussion questions to storyline-driven Performance Assessments, TCI’s assessments get students thinking deeply about science concepts and natural phenomena. TCI’s easy-to-use assessment tools allow you to customize assessments and track grades.

Many Ways to Assess

Formative and summative assessments are woven throughout Bring Science Alive! Explore the assessment options.

Formative Assessments

Array of science assessments

From science talks to questions in the investigation notebook questions, formative assessments are embedded throughout every lesson. Students can also play review games, discuss what they have learned in Wrap-Ups, and construct an explanation in Making Sense of Phenomena assignments.

NGSS-Designed Tests (Summative Assessment)

NGSS-Test question with stimuli

Each lesson comes with an NGSS-designed test that assesses students’ progress toward the Performance Expectations. The questions are modeled after state tests and include stimuli and three-dimensional questions about hands-on investigations and data. Most questions are automatically graded, but rubrics and sample answers are provided for open-ended questions to make grading easy.

Performance Assessments (Summative Assessment)

Students demonstrate their understanding of a unit’s concepts with the storyline-driven Performance Assessment. From investigating ingredients in pancakes to designing equipment for extreme weather, students apply their newfound NGSS skills and knowledge to complete hands-on tasks.

Customize Tests with TCI’s Test Builder

TCI’s robust test builder tool allows you to edit a TCI-created test or build one from scratch. You can also browse and select questions submitted by other teachers in your district. You can create various question types, from multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions to open-ended writing and drawing questions.

Once you are done building, you can assign the test to students or share the test with teachers. You can assign the assessment on TCI’s platform and even sync the assignment with Google Classroom and other learning management systems.

Examine Trends to Assign, Assess, Reteach

Grade trends

TCI’s online assignment and grading tools make tracking student progress easy. Games and multiple-choice questions are automatically graded. Teachers can also easily grade short responses through the digital platform.

With TCI’s Grades page, you can see a bird’s-eye view of your class trends or drill in to see how an individual student is doing. Use these trends to see which key concepts your students might need additional help with and to keep track of class progress throughout the year.

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