TCI’s Spanish Immersion Experience

At TCI, we know providing comprehensive Spanish support in the classroom is essential. In 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that about 5.1 million English learners were enrolled in K-12 schools. About 75.5 percent of English learners spoke Spanish at home.

Additionally, more research has been conducted on the benefits of bilingual education, leading to a rise in Spanish immersion programs. Bilingual education supports cognitive function, improves school performance and engagement, and builds cultural awareness.

To support bilingual students and Spanish immersion classrooms, TCI’s programs are available in English and Spanish. Let’s explore TCI’s Spanish immersion experience.

Fully Translated Student Materials

TCI’s student editions and notebooks are available in Spanish in print and online. Our translators are focused on providing the most equivalent Spanish experience possible for students while taking into account Spanish language meaning and context.

TCI teachers have found that the Spanish student materials have helped engage English learners with the content. For example, elementary teacher Jennifer Zebarth observed how the online Spanish reading and the text-to-speech feature can help her Spanish-speaking students learn English.

Spanish View Online

In addition to the student materials, TCI’s digital platform provides a Spanish view. To access the view, simply switch the language toggle to “Español” and experience all of TCI’s digital content in Spanish, including online readings, navigation, and vocabulary cards.

Multimedia resources—including games and videos—are also translated into Spanish. As students watch videos, they will hear audio and read on-screen text in Spanish and have access to Spanish closed captioning.

Spanish immersion view

Spanish Support for Teachers

TCI’s programs also include Spanish support for teachers with translations for planning and classroom resources. Guide the class with Spanish-translated slideshows, explore teacher planning information in Spanish, and grade with Spanish answer keys.

How TCI Translates Student Materials to Spanish

TCI strives to provide an authentic Spanish translation for learners. We work with native Spanish speakers in Latin America to authentically translate the Spanish student edition and notebook. Additionally, the translations are transadaptive, which means our translators take meaning and context into account, going beyond word-for-word translations.

TCI continuously improves its Spanish experience. More Spanish resources are coming soon to TCI’s digital platform.

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