Webinar Recap: Using Videos in an Engaging Way

Videos are a powerful tool for educators, enabling them to captivate students and foster engagement. From captivating storylines to fun interactions, videos have the potential to transform the learning experience.

Recently, Brian Thomas, a former classroom teacher and current curriculum developer at TCI, shared his insights on using videos in the classroom in a webinar alongside edWeb. Let’s explore the benefits of incorporating videos into lessons and discover how videos can support student engagement and learning.

The Power of Videos

When used thoughtfully, videos can be a powerful medium for delivering content and engaging students. Here are three benefits of using videos in the classroom:

  1. Capturing attention. One benefit of using videos is that they can help capture student attention. When combined with compelling content, the visual and auditory elements of videos provide a stimulating experience that keeps students actively engaged.
  2. Multimodal engagement. Students learn best when they take in information through multiple modalities. Videos cater to different learning styles, allowing students to absorb information through both visual and auditory channels. The visual and auditory elements create a dynamic learning environment that engages students and keeps them eager to learn.
  3. Higher content retention. Learning with video can help students retain more information. A recent study suggests that video lessons led to higher content retention than traditional lectures.

Overall, videos provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Through the power of videos, educators can create an engaging learning environment that promotes student success.

Incorporating Videos into Lessons in an Engaging Way

How can you start incorporating video-driven activities into your classroom? In a recent webinar with EdWeb, Brian Thomas provides best practices for how to harness the power of videos in the classroom. Watch the webinar to explore how interactive videos can be used to engage students with powerful storylines and challenging interactions. Brian also gives tips for finding video resources with rich historical content.

Bring Learning Alive! with TCI’s Video Activities

In addition to hands-on classroom activities, TCI’s programs offer video options, giving educators multiple ways to deliver engaging lessons. Video Activities are available in TCI’s middle and high school social studies programs, while the elementary social studies programs incorporate videos through fun songs, storylines, and inquiry projects.

TCI’s K-8 science programs also leverage videos to share interesting phenomena, storylines, and Key Science Concepts.

Interested in exploring TCI’s programs? Request a sample to dive into TCI’s rich video library.

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