Experience the World with the Latest Edition of Geography Alive!

Geography education plays a pivotal role in cultivating global awareness and critical thinking. At TCI, we believe that geography class should be an immersive experience where students see the world through a geographer’s eyes.

The much-loved Geography Alive! Regions and People program is coming out with a new edition in 2024 that includes new features and elevates old favorites, such as the Mapping Labs and Global Connection activities. Rich with new lessons, interactive video activities, and updated data, the latest edition of Geography Alive! asks students to use real geography skills and strategies to examine contemporary world issues.

Video Activities Bring Regions to Life

One of the highlights of the new edition of Geography Alive! is the addition of captivating Video Activities. Did you know that incorporating multimedia, such as interactive videos, into geography lessons can increase student engagement? TCI’s Video Activities introduce each region, engaging students with compelling videos and interactions. From the rugged landscapes of the Andes to the bustling cities of Japan, students will learn about the cultural and geographical aspects that make each region unique.

Additionally, each unit now opens with a video-based Geographic Inquiry Project, promoting student engagement and exploration of geographic concepts. These projects utilize videos to ignite curiosity and develop inquiry skills. Watch this video that introduces the Monsoon Asia unit.

Integration of Economics and Civics for Real-World Connections

Geography is only one of the social science disciplines. With Geography Alive! case studies, students explore geography alongside economic, political, and cultural concepts to provide a comprehensive understanding of our world. For example, students analyze a case study of lithium production in Bolivia alongside maps and charts to understand how geography influences the economics, politics, history, and culture of the region.

coastline in Bolivia

New Lessons Explore Indigenous Cultural Regions

The new edition of Geography Alive! includes two new lessons that introduce Indigenous cultural regions and trace the development of early civilizations in the Americas. Students analyze how Indigenous people from different cultural regions adapted to their environments in The Indigenous Peoples of North America. In Early Civilizations in the Americas, students examine the Olmec, Maya, Caral, and Mississippian traditions and cultures.

Enhanced Mapping Labs and Global Connections

Favorite activities like Mapping Labs and Global Connections have been enhanced. Mapping Labs have seamlessly integrated into the program as engaging lessons, complete with rich text, and activity options.

Additionally, Global Connection sections appear in every lesson, establishing connections between concepts and the broader world. Through inquiry-based activities, students investigate thought-provoking geographic questions, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the global impact of geography.

Updated Maps, Data, and Statistics

This edition of Geography Alive! includes regional maps that have been updated with the latest available data for political boundaries and names, vegetation zones, and much more. In addition to content updates, the maps were redesigned to enhance student comprehension with a visually stunning and accessible format.

Each case study in the program is rich with charts, graphs, and data. Engaging visuals and updated data ensure that students are equipped with the most current information and global trends. The new edition makes content more accessible, visually appealing, and relevant to students’ lives.

Bring Geography Alive! in Your Classroom

Geography Alive! includes an abundance of enhancements that will engage students, expand their global perspectives, and foster a lifelong love for geography. We invite educators to explore the new edition and experience the captivating video activities, Mapping Labs, and new lessons.

To learn more about the new edition of Geography Alive! and explore how it can transform your classroom, request a sample or quote.

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