Bring Social Studies Alive! with TCI's Elementary School Programs

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Flip through each program’s components and learn how TCI’s state-adopted curriculum engages students and supports teachers.

Engage All Learners

See how TCI engages all learners and provides comprehensive teacher support to Bring Learning Alive! in classrooms. Watch this video to preview our program’s:

  • Engaging Activities
  • Assessments
  • ELA Integration
  • Support for All Learners
  • Easy-to-Use Materials

ELA Integration

Social Studies Alive! integrates reading and writing to help students develop language arts skills. See how TCI integrates English language arts with social studies.

Informational Texts and Primary Sources

From our vibrant informational text to thought-provoking primary sources, each lesson has many opportunities to practice reading.

Unit Inquiry Projects

Each unit includes an Inquiry Project where students research a compelling question and use evidence from the reading to write an argument.

Social Studies Stories

The unit’s Social Studies Stories explore different perspectives, literature, primary sources, and biographies.

Many Ways to Assess

Formative and summative assessments are woven throughout every TCI lesson and reading, including creative processing assignments, lesson games, and TCI’s customizable tests. Learn more about flexible assessment options.

Support for All Learners

TCI’s programs include a number of reading tools, strategies, and activities to provide extra support for students. Explore our English language support features.

Built-In Reading Support

Tools like differentiated reading levels, text-to-speech, main ideas, and highlighting provide extra reading support. Students can build their vocabulary with checks for understanding and vocabulary cards.

Spanish Immersion

TCI’s programs are available in English and Spanish to support dual immersion classrooms and English Learners. 

Differentiating Instruction

Each lesson includes adjustments to support English Learners, Learners with Special Education Needs, Learners Reading and Writing Below Grade Level, and Advanced Learners. 

Teacher Support

Planning Tools

TCI makes your life easier with comprehensive teacher support including pacing guides, enhancing learning, and differentiating instruction.

Seamless Tech Integrations

Rostering + Learning Management Systems
Our digital platform integrates seamlessly, allowing you to stay connected with your students. Explore our LMS integrations.

Benchmark Alignment and Support

Social Studies Alive! is fully aligned to Florida’s social studies benchmarks. You’ll find Florida Benchmark information at point of use throughout TCI’s programs. You can check on student progress toward benchmarks with TCI’s assessment report. See correlations for Florida.

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