A Look Back at 2021 with TCI

2021 was a year full of learning and growth. Every educator took on new roles and faced new challenges, and we are grateful to have been there with you through it all!

Your hard work and dedication are worth celebrating — let’s take a moment to reflect on all that we accomplished together.

Better Together: Google Classroom + TCI

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We smashed it out of the park by assigning and syncing over 11,000 assignments and 100,000 grades. For teachers and students alike, the improvements to Google Classroom provided greater flexibility for managing, accessing, and tracking TCI content right from Google Classroom.

Virtual Stamps

Virtual Stamps

Who doesn’t love stamps? From “Excellent Work” to “Good Effort,” teachers gave out a total of 95,622 virtual stamps this year! Have a favorite stamp? Share it with us on our Facebook Group.


Spanish Immersion View


Spanish Immersion View


With a click of a button, teachers and students used the Spanish Immersion View feature to view TCI content in Spanish more than 2 million times this year.

Taking Professional Development to New Levels

From virtual events to free lessons here’s a look at some of the resources teachers took advantage of in 2021.

2021 Virtual Summit: With over 2,700 registrants, the Virtual Summit was a huge success. It was inspiring to hear Dr. Terrence J. Roberts, Dr. Connie Davidson, and Dr. Jerome Shaw share their experiences and best practices. You can still access the summit recordings and soak up the insights on demand.

Free Teaching Resources: With more than 5,600 downloads, our timely and relevant free teaching resources have everything you need to bring current events alive in your classrooms!

Webinars: We hosted 28 webinars on a wide range of topics, from Dynamic Classroom Instruction to Using TCI with Canvas and Google Classroom, and more! Watch past webinar recordings.

Join the conversation on our Facebook Support Group with over 2,500 TCI teachers. Share best practices, teaching tips, ideas, and more with other teachers.

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