NEW! Provide Feedback with Stamps

Grading is a big part of a teacher’s life. And sometimes, it can be hard to share feedback online without writing a comment quickly. In those moments, use our Stamps. With our new Stamps, teachers can now quickly provide feedback on any question in the notebook and assessments.

From¬† “Excellent Work,”¬† “You are a star!,” to “Good Effort,” and more, our collection of colorful and engaging stamps will get your students feeling accomplished and excited.

How to Access Stamps

  • Stamps are only available for the notebook and assessment questions
  • When you are ready to grade, navigate to the Grades dashboard
  • Select the Notebook or Assessment work you want to grade
  • In View by Student mode, navigate to a question and click on “Add Comment/Stamp.”
  • Stamps are available in View by Question mode as well!
  • Select a stamp, and you are done!
  • Your student(s) will see the Stamps when they check their work


Stamps Gif

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