Better Together: Google Classroom and TCI

TCI’s integration with Google Classroom provides a cohesive, powerful learning experience for your students, no matter where they are. As blended learning models and digital classrooms become more common, a smooth LMS experience can help teachers save time and focus on instruction. With the Google Classroom integration, you can easily share content, automatically post TCI assignments, and sync student grades. 

Here are three ways TCI’s Google Classroom integration simplifies classroom management.

1. Share and Sync TCI assignments

TCI teachers can easily create assignments and share content with Google Classroom. Teachers can assign TCI readings, notebook questions, learning games, assessments, and more. Once assignments are published through TCI, they sync to Google Classroom instantly.

2. Easy access to TCI content for students

Students can see everything their teachers assign them in Google Classroom. When they click on each assignment, they are taken to the content in their TCI account, where they can read, answer notebook questions, and complete lesson games and assessments.

3. Grade syncing from TCI

Grading through the TCI platform? No problem! If teachers enter grades on the TCI platform, the grades will sync over to your Google Classroom grade book. Assignments like Lesson Review Games, Vocabulary Games, and multiple choice questions are automatically scored and synced with the grade book as long as items are assigned through TCI and published in Google Classroom.

TCI teachers can access the Google Classroom integration in their accounts now—sign in to your TCI account to get started.

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