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New Features Coming Soon to TCI’s Middle School Social Studies Programs

From video-based geography challenges, video activities, to unit inquiry projects, take a quick look at the new features coming soon to the middle school social studies programs. (8:37)

You’ve Never Seen a Classroom Like This

Imagine your students traveling back in time to ancient Egypt through video-based geography challenges, experiencing the American Revolution through a game of capture the flag, or examining and discovering fascinating primary sources. TCI’s History Alive! and Civics Alive! programs engage students with meaningful, immersive lessons that build critical thinking skills and foster a deep understanding of the world.

Aligned with the Florida Social Studies Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, see why our curriculum is perfect for your classroom.

Explore Our Florida Middle School Social Studies Curriculum

Click the links below to see how our programs cover Florida Social Studies Next Generation Sunshine State Standards while making social studies fun and engaging for students!

History Alive-Program Components

Making Teaching And Planning Easier For You

  • Social Studies Textbook and Student Workbooks
  • Inquiry Projects and Geography Challenges
  • Literacy Integration
  • Interactive Presentations and Video Activities
  • Standards-Aligned Immersive Activities
  • EOC Assessment Prep
  • Games, Biographies, Translations, and More

High-Quality Student-Centered Curriculum

Engage your students in meaningful social studies lessons that allow them to develop critical thinking skills while building a deep understanding of the world around them.

Develop civic skills

Develop Civic Skills

Prepare students to become informed, civically engaged members of their communities. Through our History Alive! and Civics Alive! programs students have meaningful discussions and learn the skills and content they need to pass Florida’s EOC State Assessment.

video-Based Geography Challenges

Immersive Learning Experiences

From video-based Geography Challenges to Lesson Games, our programs leverage multimedia resources to draw students in and get them thinking deeply about social studies. Students interact with multimedia, from videos to songs to audio tracks. 

Hand-On Learning

Hands-On Activities

TCI’s unique, student-centered approach gets students thinking, talking, and asking big questions. Dynamic hands-on activities inspire students to explore history and actively participate in class.

Flexible Lesson Options

Flexible Lesson Options

Classroom activities, video activities, and reading activities—flexible lesson plans provide three options to fit your approach to teaching. Each option provides opportunities to develop social studies and literacy skills and assess student learning.

Integrated Literacy

Practice Critical Thinking and Literacy Skills

Literacy instruction is built into the Student Text, Interactive Student Notebook, and Activities. Students engage with—and respond to—relevant primary sources, civic literacy texts, and informational content.


Promotes Active Citizenship

Prepare students to become informed, civically engaged members of their communities. Students have meaningful civil discussions and build empathy by reading and learning about various perspectives.

Measure Student Progress with Summative Assessments

Each lesson and unit comes with a TCI-created summative assessment, which fully assesses student mastery of content and skills. The test is ready to take, but teachers can edit and customize the test to meet the needs of their classrooms.

Multi Image Assessment Questiion

Seamless Integration With Your Learning Management System

Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and more—our digital platform integrates seamlessly with your learning management system, allowing you to stay connected with your students.

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Engaged Students

Inspire the Next Generation of Floridians

Our social studies curriculum is built to help students develop critical thinking and connect to the world around them. By partnering with TCI, you give your teachers what they need to help build the world of tomorrow.

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