Promote Active Learning with TCI’s New Video Activities

TCI’s new Video Activities provide a new experience to meet the needs of today’s middle school social studies classrooms. The Video Activities are thoughtfully designed to capture student attention and promote active learning.

What Makes TCI’s Video Activities Unique?

Each Video Activity begins with a captivating video that covers the main ideas of the reading and introduces an engaging storyline. Students take on various roles—such as archaeologists, photojournalists, and detectives—to immerse themselves in the activity. The video also issues a challenge to students, asking them to analyze artifacts, draw conclusions, and make evidence-based arguments.

After watching the video, students dig into the challenge. They complete a set of interactive questions directly on the platform. Students receive immediate feedback as they answer a variety of questions. Their scores are entered directly into the TCI grade book so you can quickly examine class trends.

TCI Content Developer Niccole Tiffany explained, “Students are engaged by the immersive, high-quality videos, challenged by the interactions, and assessed easily by teachers.”

Supporting all learners is more important now than ever. The Video Activities can also be used as a differentiation tool to provide literacy support for students who struggle with reading. The videos cover the main ideas of the reading, and include rich images and audio that bring the text to life.

Blend It, Flip It, and Reverse It—How to Use TCI’s Video Activities with Different Classroom Models

TCI’s Video Activities offer a flexible learning solution for any classroom model. You can use the Video Activities for whole-class instruction or assign it for students to complete independently. Students can also use it as a tool to review the main ideas in the lesson.

“TCI’s Video Activities are designed to support any classroom model. Students can use them at home, in the classroom in pairs, or as a whole-class activity,” Tiffany shares.

Whole Class

Use this Video Activity as a class. Project the video and slides and ask the guiding questions embedded into the activity.


Assign the Video Activity to each student (or pair). Students receive instant feedback as they answer the questions.


Use the Video Activity as a review tool. Students watch the videos and complete the questions to cover the main ideas.

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