Bring Science Alive! for Elementary Classrooms

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See how Bring Science Alive! makes NGSS come to life and empowers all students on their journey to a lifelong love of science. Watch this video to preview our program’s:

  • Flexible Investigations
  • Assessments
  • ELA and Math Integration
  • Support for All Learners
  • Teacher Support

Designed for NGSS

Bring Science Alive! makes the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) easy and engaging. See our NGSS alignment.

Explaining Phenomena

From anchoring phenomena to local phenomena, TCI’s programs are rich with phenomena that stoke students’ curiosity about the world around them. Students to explore, explain, and make sense of phenomena.

Engineering Design

Interactive engineering challenges and Investigations allow students to explore, design, and solve problems related to Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Three-Dimensional Learning

NGSS-Based Units

Every lesson focuses on at least one Science and Engineering Practice, one Disciplinary Core Idea, and one Crosscutting Concept. Each dimension is selected to support learning as it relates to the unit’s Performance Expectations.

Flexible Investigations

TCI understands the time challenges elementary teachers face in balancing multiple subjects. So we provide flexible investigations that can be chunked to fit your schedule. Explore lesson options

Many Ways to Assess

Formative Assessments

Students can process the investigation in multiple ways, including science talks, Lesson Review Games, and self-assessments to help them reflect on their growing understanding of NGSS concepts.

NGSS-Designed Tests

The NGSS-designed test assesses students’ progress toward the Performance Expectations. The three-dimensional questions are modeled after state tests.

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Performance Assessment

The unit culminates in a Performance Assessment where students get hands-on to solve the real-world problem introduced in the storyline and explain the Anchoring Phenomenon.

ELA and Math Integration

Students develop literacy skills by reading informational texts that cover the disciplinary core ideas from the standards and reinforce concepts from the investigation.

Math is also integrated throughout the program. Following NGSS-recommended integration, the program includes opportunities to develop math skills appropriate for the grade level.

Dig into TCI’s ELA integration

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Support for All Learners

TCI’s programs include a number of reading tools, strategies, and activities to provide extra support for students. Explore our English language support features

Built-In Reading Support

Tools like differentiated reading levels, text-to-speech, main ideas, and highlighting provide extra reading support. Students can build their vocabulary with checks for understanding and vocabulary cards.

Spanish Immersion

TCI’s programs are available in English and Spanish to support immersion classrooms and English Learners. 

Differentiating Instruction

Each lesson includes adjustments to support English Learners, Learners with Special Education Needs, Learners Reading and Writing Below Grade Level, and Advanced Learners. 

Teacher Support

Planning Tools

TCI provides comprehensive planning tools for each lesson in print and online. Plan ahead with science backgrounds and step-by-step procedures, modify with differentiating instruction and enhancing learning, and check student work with answer keys.

Seamless Tech Integrations

Rostering + Learning Management Systems
Our digital platform integrates seamlessly, allowing you to stay connected with your students. Explore our LMS integrations.

Why Teachers Love TCI

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