TCI Sneak Peek: New Features for the 2022-23 School Year

When TCI teachers return to the classroom for the 2022-23 school year, they will have these four exciting new features waiting for them.

1. Robust Learning Libraries

Get easy access to videos, games, biographies, assessments, and more with TCI’s new learning libraries. TCI teachers can now easily browse through curated content and find resources for lessons.

Learning Libraries

  • Video Library. Through the Video Library, you can see all the videos in your programs, allowing greater flexibility for when and how you share videos with students. Our middle school social studies programs will include new video-based Geography Challenges and Video Activities.
  • Game Library. Browse through the Game Library to find games for reviewing information, building vocabulary, and assessing key concepts. This library will continue to grow as TCI develops new games, such as the State Capitals game.
  • Biography Library. Why are some lights called Edison light bulbs? What were the accomplishments of Katherine Johnson? Find out the answers through the Biography Library, which provides hundreds of profiles on notable figures in science and history.
  • Assessment Library. From quick comprehension checks to formal summative assessments, the Assessment Library provides the tools you need to assess student learning.

2. Quicker Unit Planning

Get a bird’s-eye view of the whole unit with the new Unit Page. The Unit Page shows you the lessons, unit projects, and libraries you need for big-picture planning.

3. Flexible Lesson Options

Lesson planning is as simple as 1-2-3. The new Lesson Page will show different ways to teach the content. Start by choosing one of the flexible lesson options. Want to dive deeper? Pick one of the enrichment resources available for the lesson. Finally, check for understanding by choosing from a variety of tools—from games to summative assessments.

Flexible Lesson Options

4. Streamlined Integrations

Classroom management is now easier than ever. With streamlined integrations, you can assign, grade, and track TCI assignments without leaving Schoology or Canvas.

Kids Looking at Computer Screen in School

As we get feedback from TCI teachers, we improve our programs and digital platform to meet their needs. In addition to these features, TCI teachers can look forward to more video content, new games, and improved user experience.

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