True Student Engagement with TCI’s New Video Activities

Among the innovative features of TCI’s latest interactive middle school social studies curriculum are Video Activities, a brand new lesson option that teaches the main ideas of a chapter in an engaging format. Along with an immersive video that captures student interest, the Video Activities challenge students to analyze text, artifacts, and primary sources to deepen their understanding of the content.

“Students love video, but we don’t want that to be a passive experience,” explained Brian Thomas, TCI National Account Manager and Curriculum Developer. “TCI’s Video Activities captivate students with dynamic video and engaging interactions. It’s TCI innovating video like no one else has!”

Check Out a New Video Activity

Want to see an example of a Video Activity? Check out this video from History Alive! The Ancient World. This video introduces ancient Egyptian pharaohs and presents a storyline to engage students in the activity.


The video is only the beginning. At the end of the video, the narrator issues a challenge, “Suddenly, as you begin examining the dazzling collection of artifacts, the tombstone door closes and seals you inside. Complete darkness surrounds you . . . The only way to escape the room is to carefully study the artifacts.”

After watching the video, students examine artifacts and read about four notable Egyptian pharaohs. Students then use their critical thinking skills to match each artifact to a pharaoh using evidence from their reading. This approach allows students to be active learners and practice higher-order thinking.

The Video Activity format also allows for greater flexibility in the classroom. The entire activity is available on TCI’s digital platform so students can complete the activity as a class or on their own. Thomas shared, “Essential content from the chapter comes to life in a flexible activity that could be done together, alone, synchronously, or asynchronously.”

TCI’s curriculum developers thoughtfully developed these Video Activities so that teachers could quickly engage students and challenge them to think critically about the content. Through this process, students build their social studies skills and get excited about learning.

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