New Digital Game: Learn State Capitals with TCI

Get a sneak-peek into TCI’s upcoming digital game, State Capitals. Game-based learning engages students with interactive gameplay and can enhance classroom instruction. With the State Capitals game, students can practice map skills and boost their geography knowledge.

Test the State Capitals Game

To take the State Capitals Game for a spin, you need a TCI teacher account.


TCI State Capitals Game

As this game is still in development, your feedback on the game is greatly appreciated. A survey will be provided on the lower right corner to collect your thoughts.

The Benefits of Game-Based Learning

TCI believes game-based learning can be a powerful tool for increasing student engagement and knowledge retention. While games cannot replace classroom instruction, research shows they can enhance learning when intentionally integrated into a lesson plan. Here are five ways games can support classroom learning:

  1. Supporting content knowledge retention. Games are often designed around memorization. According to research, memory games are effective at boosting content retention and building working memory. When designed with learning objectives in mind, games can help students remember key information, sequences, and causal relationships, as well as improve cognitive skills.
  2. Increasing student participation. Games in the classroom can create a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to participate actively in their learning. Additionally, virtual games can help students with attention disorders focus on learning.
  3. Learning to try and fail. The interactive nature of games provides a low-stakes environment for students to try, fail, and learn. Games show that learning is “a process of trial and error” and motivate students to keep going.
  4. Building computer literacy. As the world becomes more digital, learning computer skills becomes increasingly important. Playing digital learning games helps students build computer and simulation fluency.
  5. Assessing progress. A benefit of digital learning games is immediate feedback. With games that assess knowledge, students can see instantly if they got an answer right or wrong. With TCI’s digital games, teachers have access to students’ results and can evaluate learning progress.

In addition to our existing digital learning games, TCI will be developing more games like the State Capitals Game to provide more resources for teachers to assess student progress and increase classroom participation and engagement. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on new games and features.

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