Bring Science Alive! for California

Designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The experts at TCI have created a unified, three-dimensional approach to the K-8 NGSS-aligned curriculum that supports students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.


Anchoring Phenomenon

Our phenomena-based unit storylines are designed for NGSS and supported by Investigations, the Interactive Student Notebook, and Key Science Concepts.

Student-Led Inquiry

Interactive Engineering Challenges and Investigations provide students the opportunity to explore, design, and solve problems related to Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Three-Dimensional Learning

Three-Dimensional Learning

Every lesson connects to a Science and Engineering Practice, a Disciplinary Core Idea, and a Crosscutting Concept to support students’ Performance Expectations.

A Complete Science Curriculum with Everything You Need

Built from the ground up to align with NGSS, our science curriculum provides the Investigation Kit materials, blended learning resources, online science textbooks, and customizable assessments that teachers need to support student success, in the moment and throughout the year.

NGSS-Aligned Lesson Plans

Interactive presentations and videos

Interactive Presentations and Videos

Student Journals

Investigation Kits

Online Tests and Activities

Lexile Scores

Literacy Integrations and Lexile Scores

Flexible and Blended Program

Our curriculum is designed from the ground-up to make learning engaging and memorable while fostering students’ love of learning and curiosity in the world around them. We marry Great Content, Meaningful Technology, and Interactive Classroom Experiences to engage students in a way that will help them connect more throughout the K-8 science curriculum.

  • Online Lesson Plans
  • Online Science Textbook
  • Student Journals
  • Flexible Assignments, Assessments, and Grading
  • Enrichment Resources
  • Super Simple Science Activities
  • Classroom Investigations and Simulations
  • Easy to Follow Science Videos
  • Learning Management System Integrations (Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology)
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