Using the New K-12 Stimulus Funding with TCI

Last year, the CARES Act made crucial funding available for K-12 education through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund, a component of the Education Stabilization Fund.

Since then the federal government has provided further funding to help K-12 schools navigate the new normal including:

  • $54 billion for ESSER II through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act and
  • $122 billion for ESSER III through the American Rescue Plan

The latest stimulus package allocates the most money to support K-12 education and requires school districts to use at least 20% of the funds to combat learning loss. School districts have until late 2024 to allocate the money.

Which TCI Products Are Eligible for ESSER II and III Funding?

With a flexible curriculum, products from TCI are aligned with state standards. Our range of services, products, and educational resources provides an opportunity for teachers and administrators to upgrade their technology, assist students in addressing learning loss, and prepare to reopen as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

Among the broad range of uses outlined in the ESSER, here are examples of how you can use the funds with TCI:

  • Use evidence-based activities to drive student engagement and address learning loss: Active learning is at TCI’s core; every lesson utilizes at least one of our six unique hands-on and proven classroom strategies. TCI’s flexible and blended learning solutions get students excited and curious; students are inspired to ask questions and conduct purposeful research. They make written and oral arguments, support claims with evidence, and take informed action when appropriate.
  • Plan and implement activities related to summer learning and supplemental after-school programs: Schools can use TCI’s robust online platform and print programs to address learning loss and assign students activities and lessons during the summer months or as supplemental after-school programs.
  • Administer and use high-quality assessments: Our standards-aligned K-12 social studies and K-8 science programs provide teachers with all the tools and resources they need to support student success. From flexible grading features, customizable lesson assessments, performance assessments, and more you can monitor and evaluate students’ mastery and skills throughout the year.
  • Activities to address the unique needs of at-risk, minority students, and English learners: At TCI, we believe in providing equitable and engaging learning opportunities to all students and empowering them to become engaged citizens who will change the world. Our programs provide various support tools, including ELL support, closed captioning, text-to-speech, Spanish translations, reading levels, and more to meet student’s unique learning needs.
  • Professional Development: TCI provides professional development courses, training, webinars, office hours, and other resources to help educators and administrators cater to the unique needs of their schools.
  • Software, hardware, and connectivity: Our flexible curriculum allows teachers to smoothly transition from physical classrooms to blended learning environments using the various resources and tools on our digital platform. We also partner with various education companies to make it easier for teachers to stay connected with their students at all times.

Learn More About Funding Opportunities and TCI Today

For additional information about how to apply for ESSER funding, contact your state education agency to learn more. Nonpublic schools seeking assistance with applications or inquiries for EANS funding should also contact the relevant state departments.

TCI is here to support you with new educational technology and tools that can help address learning loss, especially for K-12 science and social studies learners. With blended learning features, engaging curriculum design, and more, we’re here to help you keep students engaged during challenging times and for the days ahead. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

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