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Check out some of our new features coming in 2019. Did we capture one of your most needed features?  

Google Classroom Integration – TCI is integrating with Google Classroom to further streamline class management. You will have easy access to share assessments, lesson games, student text sections, and other resources through Google Classroom.

Google Drive – Are you one of the millions of teachers using Google Suite? Now you can save materials such as assessments, handouts, and other resources in PDF format directly to your Google Drive.

Flexible Grading – You’ll soon have a new option for grading. You can choose whether to view all student answers for a question or grade student by student. This will give you greater versatility in grading student work.

Flexible Assignments – Need to assign all sections of the notebook to your Period 2 class, and the Lesson Game to your Period 4 class? New features in assignments will allow you to manage your assignments by class, student, and component. (P.S. Want to keep things simple? There will still be an option to assign everything at once with just a few clicks.)  

Lesson Guide Walkthrough – Get a detailed Lesson Guide Walkthrough to keep track of presentation notes and easily prep for class. The Lesson Guide Walkthrough is available online or in print.

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