See What’s New for the Upcoming School Year

A new academic year calls for some new exciting features. Here’s a look at some of the features we launched recently and the ones that are in the pipeline – designed to support your every classroom and remote teaching need.

Blended Learning Support:  Whether your students are all in-class with physical distancing, all distance learning, or any combination, we’re here for you. With our new blended learning support resources, you will find best practices and tips for adapting each of the TCI lesson strategies.

Video Lessons (K-5): Stay connected with your students and drive student engagement with our bite-sized video lessons.

Teacher Notifications: Now you and your students can stay on top of all assignments and grading with the help of our new notifications and messaging feature. 

Signing in as a Student: With our latest student management feature, you can see what individual students see to help troubleshoot and model for your students.

Sharing Lesson Slides: With this beta feature you can share complete lesson guides, or a customized version of the lesson guides with all your students. Teachers shared over 3K lessons slides in only the first month of use!

Grading Improvements: See what needs grading and where your students are at-a-glance. With our new grading improvements, you can quickly see your student responses with minimal scrolling.

Apart from these updates, we have some other changes planned for the year ahead as well. Stay tuned! 


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