Free Science Activities All Year Long

TCI’s free science activities will keep students engaged in science all year long. Explore the list to find seasonal science experiments for elementary and middle school classrooms.

Halloween (October)

Don’t be afraid to teach with TCI’s free science lessons for elementary and middle school! For Halloween, explore free lessons about gooey oobleck and real body snatchers (parasitoids) that turn their prey into zombies. Get the lessons.

Thanksgiving (November)

Dig into the science of Thanksgiving with TCI’s free video-based investigations. From the science of cooking to learning about the “leftovers” of a chemical reaction, there are many ways to engage students in science. Get the lessons.

Winter Solstice (December)

As December 21 approaches, your students may observe that the sun is rising later and setting earlier. In these free lessons, students collect sunlight data to create simple graphs and investigate Earth’s tilted axis to make sense of the seasons. Get the lessons.

Winter Weather (January)

As it becomes chilly in January, have students investigate winter weather. Students can watch videos about bears and penguins or explore how science is involved in winter sports. Get the lessons.

Black History Month (February)

For Black History Month, celebrate the accomplishments of African American scientists and engineers through TCI’s biographies and videos. Our biographies include Katherine Johnson, George Washington Carver, and Benjamin Banneker. Get the biographies. 

Valentine’s Day (February)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for elementary students to investigate the properties of chocolate. Middle school students can explore more advanced topics, such as static electricity and magnets to understand further how “opposites attract.” Get the lessons.

Women’s History Month (March)

Women’s History Month reminds us to elevate and celebrate women scientists, including Jane Goodall, Ada Lovelace, and Marie Curie. Explore free lessons, videos, and biographies for K-12 classrooms. Get the biographies.

St. Patrick’s Day (March)

St. Patrick’s Day can be a day for more than just wearing green. With TCI’s free lessons, students investigate the properties of gold and explore how light waves form rainbows. Get the lessons.

First Day of Spring (March)

As the seasons turn to spring, students may notice a difference in climate and in the plants that grow around them. Help them satisfy their curiosity by investigating seasons in the year. Students can build a sundial or play “Dial-a-Season” for the first day of spring. Get the lessons.

Earth Day (April)

On Earth Day, students can investigate the impact humans have on the planet and propose solutions for mitigating the effects. With these lessons, they explore the impact of climate change on coral reefs and examine graphs and data on extreme weather. Get the lessons.

National Space Day (May)

National Space Day takes place on the first Friday in May and is dedicated to exploring the universe. Take the opportunity to engage students in the wonders of space—from celestial objects like stars and comets to the concepts of scale and light years—with TCI’s free lessons. Get the lessons.

Summer Nature

Even during the summer, you can encourage students to keep learning going. With the sun out during the summer, it’s the perfect time to explore nature in greater depth. Explore these elementary and middle school lessons that investigate the outdoors. Get the lessons.

Looking for more free lessons? TCI continues to create free lessons so teachers can keep their students engaged with timely resources. Keep exploring for free lessons or icebreaker activities.

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