3 ways TCI simplifies classroom management with Schoology

Classroom management is easier than ever with TCI’s Schoology LTI 1.3 integration enhancements! As blended learning models and digital classrooms become more common, a smooth LMS experience can help teachers save time and focus on instruction. This is why TCI is dedicated to developing seamless integration with learning management systems, including Schoology.

Here are three ways TCI’s latest Schoology updates simplify the classroom experience.

1. Teachers never have to leave their LMS

TCI teachers can find and share assignments directly from Schoology. TCI’s content is embedded into Schoology so teachers can access and assign readings, notebook questions, learning games, assessments, and more without leaving their LMS.

TCI and Schoology

2. Easy access to TCI content for students

Students can see everything their teachers assign them in Schoology. When they click on each assignment, they can access TCI content within the LMS. Students can also complete the assignment in the same place.

Easy access to TCI content

3. Grade syncing from TCI

Grading through the TCI platform? No problem! If teachers enter grades on the TCI platform, the grades will still appear on Schoology.

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