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Engage students and foster their love of learning with TCI’s K-12 social studies curriculum.

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Cutting-Edge Student Engagement

Active learning is at the heart of TCI’s programs. Students ask questions, think critically, and learn with TCI’s memorable activities that can be conducted in the classroom or online. Explore features across our K-12 social studies programs that promote student engagement.

TCI’s Interactive and Inquiry-Based Approach to Learning

TCI’s interactive social studies programs integrate proven teaching strategies and meaningful technology to engage students and foster their love of learning.

In a TCI classroom, students go beyond memorizing dates and facts. They construct arguments, analyze primary sources, interact with images and videos, and participate in rich discussions through TCI’s inquiry-based approach to learning.

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Students discuss Muslim innovations.

Flexible and Blended Program

Using our print products and digital platform, TCI’s flexible curriculum allows you to transition from the physical classroom to blended learning environments seamlessly.

  • Print and Digital Student Text, Notebook, Teacher’s Guide, and Placards
  • Online Lesson Plans
  • Flexible Assignments, Assessments, and Grading
  • Videos, Games, and Other Multimedia
  • Interactive Reading Tools
  • Learning Management System Integrations, including Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology

Why Social Studies Teachers Love TCI

Discover how teachers across the country use TCI’s social studies programs to inspire and engage students. Explore stories from TCI teachers

high school students

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