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Are you interested in simplifying your lesson planning process while driving student engagement and meeting Colorado social studies standards? Our state-of-the-art curriculum and resources help to empower passionate educators like you to keep students learning and engaged in lessons throughout the entire year, all without having to stress about incorporating Colorado social studies standards.

Teacher Resources

Gain access to carefully created lesson plans that make it easy to engage students and help them grasp complex concepts. Our teacher resources include complete student resources, customizable assessments, and more. When planning lessons, you can rest assured that you will meet Colorado social studies standards.

Student Resources: Print + Digital

When working with TCI’s resources, you’ll have access to both print and digital formats, allowing you to structure your lessons around traditional teaching methods, modern technology, or a combination of both. Regardless of which method you choose to teach your students, you’ll be confident knowing that Colorado social studies standards are already built into your lessons.

Explore Our Colorado Social Studies Programs

We’ve already done the heavy lifting of lesson planning: Colorado social studies standards are included in every single curriculum that we provide here at TCI. Instead of worrying about integrating state standards, you can spend your time structuring your lessons in a way that allows you to further engage your students, help them get excited about learning, and keep them growing in their academics. Our programs provide a vibrant and engaging roadmap for students to learn and excel.

Everything You Need in One Place

With a TCI online license, everything you need to create an engaging classroom is available in one place. Through our teacher and student resources, we make it more convenient than ever to prepare, teach and assign your social studies curriculum in the classroom. If you’re looking to simplify your lesson planning process with activities and lessons that meet your state standards and keep students captivated by their lessons, try our programs today.

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