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TCI’s award-winning online social studies curriculum revolutionizes classrooms across the country. (11:12)

About the Program

Imagine your students blasting off into space in a geography lesson, experiencing the American Revolution through a game of tug of war, or examining and discovering fascinating primary sources. TCI’s Social Studies Alive! programs are revolutionizing teaching and learning in classrooms everywhere with lessons like these.

See why our standards-aligned curriculum is perfect for your classroom.


Everything Teachers Need For Success

  • Social Studies Textbook and Student Journals
  • Learning Libraries that include Videos, Biographies, Lesson Games, and more!
  • Flexible Lesson Options
  • Standards-Aligned Immersive Activities
  • Customizable Assessments

High-Quality Standards-Aligned Content for All Learners

The TCI approach to Social Studies Curriculum Resources and Programs integrates proven teaching strategies, engaging content, and meaningful technology to excite students and foster their love of learning.

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Interactive Videos

Student-Centered Interactive Activities

Get your students thinking, talking, moving, and asking big questions with TCI’s unique, student-centered activities. Engaging, hands-on activities inspire students to learn more and actively participate in class. Materials are available both online and in print.

Unit Inquiry Project

Inquiry-Based Learning

Our Social Studies Alive! programs are designed to help students master essential skills and knowledge. Every unit includes primary sources and inquiry-based projects to help students develop critical-thinking skills.


Culturally-Responsive Content

Each lesson begins with a preview activity that helps students build background knowledge and ends with an authentic learning activity that encourages students to apply their own voice to demonstrate what they have learned.


Flexible and Ready-to-Teach Lessons

Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, make every minute count with our ready-to-teach lessons and activities. Engage your students with a story, encourage your students to come up with their own perspective during an inquiry project, integrate language arts into social studies through a variety of literature and writing tasks, or combine features to create your own approach to instruction.

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