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Click on the links to unfold the entire TCI inquiry cycle. We will show you how we cover all frameworks and standards while making social studies fun and engaging for students!

TCI Made for California

TCI is a California-based company dedicated to the belief that all students can learn. Founded and run by teachers, TCI’s mission is to transform social studies into a multi-faceted learning experience that blends the best technology with the best pedagogy. Students have always been the center of instruction in TCI’s programs. All materials are field-tested to ensure their effectiveness for all students, from emerging readers to English learners to advanced learners. In addition, TCI’s program was built around the History–Social Science Framework for California Public Schools.

Four Shifts in the Framework

See how TCI supports the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools.

6-8 Program Description TCI and ELA
  • Framework content is seamlessly integrated.
  • Activities include the framework’s suggestions, such as making environmental connections and emphasizing civics.
  • Active learning is at TCI’s core; every lesson utilizes at least one of six unique, hands-on classroom strategies.
  • TCI activities get students excited and asking questions they are inspired to learn more and conduct purposeful research.
  • Investigating Primary Sources sections challenges students to carefully analyze historical documents and draw conclusions.
Citizenship Icon
  • Students “do democracy” through civic discourse and by engaging with their local communities
  • Students build historical empathy by reading various perspectives.
  • Students make written and oral arguments and share claims with evidence they take informed action when appropriate.
Literacy Icon
  • Writing assignments are aligned to Common Core to strengthen students’ literacy skills and support cross-disciplinary instruction.
  • ELA/ELD standards are reinforced throughout the activities and notebook prompts.

California Standards Map

View our Evaluation Criteria and Standards Correlations to see exactly how TCI aligns.

Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8

Build Cooperative, Inclusive Classrooms

TCI’s philosophy is grounded in the goal of creating inclusive classroom communities in which students learn about the world through multiple perspectives and make connections to their own lives.

Accurate and Diverse Content

Accurate and Diverse Content

Accuracy and diversity drive TCI’s curriculum-development process. Our programs are guided by state standards, as well as a commitment to highlighting multiple perspectives and diverse viewpoints in the curriculum. This includes examining multiple perspectives and integrating important primary sources. TCI has an extensive editorial and scholarly review process to ensure that our content is both fair and accurate.

Inclusive and Diverse Classroom

Cooperative, Inclusive Classroom

TCI’s Cooperative, Inclusive Classroom provides the foundation for our approach to active learning. This involves creating a classroom environment where all students are valued and have a voice. In this classroom, teachers build meaningful connections with students and act as facilitators for student learning. Teachers also set norms that allow for civil discourse and the respectful expression of viewpoints and perspectives.

Making Personal Connections

Making Personal Connections

Making personal connections to content is at the heart of TCI’s approach to teaching. Each lesson begins with a preview activity that helps students build background knowledge and make connections to upcoming content. Lessons include opportunities for students to take part in authentic learning assignments in which they are encouraged to apply their personal voice and interests to demonstrate what they have learned.

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