Top 5 Back-to-School Product Features and Resources

Whether you are new to TCI or a seasoned TCI champion, these top 5 features and resources will help you and your students get set up for digital learning success.

Student Scavenger Hunt: Let’s go on a scavenger hunt! Get your students up and running with their TCI student subscription with this fun scavenger hunt. Whether you plan on doing it in-class or online, the scavenger hunt is a great way for your students to get familiarized with TCI features and have fun along the way!

Blended Learning Support: Our new blended learning support resources, simplifies lesson planning and provides best practices and tips for adapting each of the TCI lesson strategies for in person, blended or remote teaching environments. Watch this Feature Friday video to learn more!

Blended Learning Support

Sharing Lesson Slides: With this feature you can share complete lesson guides, or a customized version of the lesson guides with all your students. Teachers shared over 3K lessons slides in only the first month of use! 

Watch this  Feature Friday video to learn how to share lesson slides with your students and view a summary of the ones that have already been shared.

Video Lessons (K-5 Science and Social Studies): Drive student engagement and learning outcomes with our bite-sized video lessons. You  can access the video lessons from the “Video Lesson” link on the purple sidebar and easily share (through Google Classroom) and assign it to your students.

Video Lessons

Sign in as a student: Our Sign in as a Student feature allows you to access your student’s account, see what they see and help model and troubleshoot for them remotely. Watch this how-to video to learn how to access and use this feature.

Sign in as a student

Student Work Notifications: With our “Student Work Notifications” feature you can now stay on top of all student assignments. Anytime a student turns in their notebook, lesson game or assessments, you get notified. You can easily click through the notification to view and grade assignments.

Learn more about this feature and the other grading enhancements we have rolled out in the last few weeks.

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