New! Sign in as a Student Feature

Introducing our new Sign in as a Student feature, which allows you to access your student’s account, see what they see and help model and troubleshoot for them remotely. Our team is working hard to further expand the capabilities of this feature.

How does it work?

  • Navigate to “Manage your Students” from the “My Classes” link on the sidebar
  • Select the “Sign in a Student feature icon, for the student whose student account you want to access
  • Once you sign in as a student, you will have access to all the classes they are enrolled in.
  • Once you select the relevant class, you will be signed in as your student and will be able to see everything they see, including notebook, assessments, student highlights, etc. Please keep in mind that any changes made to the student account will overwrite their existing work.

 Log in to your account today to explore the new feature.

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