Celebrating Our 2020 Milestones Together

2020 was quite the year, and it will go down as one of the most memorable and challenging years of our lives. For us – it was all about you. It was exciting to collaborate with you to roll out new blended learning features and updates to deliver a top-notch learning experience for your students.

So read on and relive the top three features we rolled out this year with your support and feedback!

Sign In as a Student

Built for distance learning, our Sign In as a Student feature was used by teachers 16,350 times. Teachers were able to see what students see, help model, and troubleshoot for them remotely.


Used 16,350 times

Increasing bar graph


Distance learning or not, TCI teachers were on a roll this year, assigning a total of 70,840 assignments. With our Assignments feature, teachers were able to monitor students’ progress and check their understanding of various key concepts.


70,840 assignments assigned



Teachers used our enhanced grading features to deliver 532,000 notebook scores. They saved time and effort in reviewing and grading student work by lesson and section.


 532,000 notebook scores graded



Here’s to everything you achieved this year! We are proud to be your partner in your classroom, virtual, or blended learning environment.

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