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Engaging Social Studies Curriculum Resources and Programs

Inspire a community of leaders by offering an engaging social studies curriculum resources and social studies textbooks that brings learning alive.

High-Quality Standards-Aligned Content for All Learners

The TCI approach to Social Studies Curriculum Resources and Programs integrates proven teaching strategies, engaging content, and meaningful technology to excite students and foster their love of learning.

Differentiated Learning

Differentiated Instruction

Our social studies curriculum provides various print and online support tools to meet your needs and the unique learning needs of your students. Each lesson includes adjustments to support English Learners, Learners with Special Education Needs, Learners Reading and Writing Below Grade Level, and Advanced Learners.

Adaptable Units

Inquiry-Based Learning

TCI’s programs are designed with one primary goal: to help students master the essential skills and knowledge. To this end, every unit includes primary sources and activities to make the lessons more inquiry-based and to help your students develop critical-thinking skills.

ELA Standards Aligned

Standards-Aligned Curriculum

TCI’s curriculum is aligned with national frameworks and state standards, enabling teachers to focus on what they do best: teaching.

Citizens of the world

Help Students Connect to the World Around Them

Not only do our programs help you meet standards, but they also help your students better understand the world around them with research-based lessons that are engaging, meaningful, and even fun.

Build a Community of Learners

TCI’s philosophy is grounded in the goal of creating cooperative classroom communities in which students learn about the world through multiple perspectives and make connections to their own lives.

Accurate and Diverse Content

Development Process

Accuracy and diversity drive TCI’s curriculum-development process. Our programs are guided by state standards, as well as a commitment to highlighting multiple perspectives and diverse viewpoints in the curriculum. This includes examining multiple perspectives and integrating important primary sources. TCI has an extensive editorial and scholarly review process to ensure that our content is both fair and accurate.

Inclusive and Diverse Classroom

Cooperative Classroom

TCI’s Cooperative Classroom provides the foundation for our approach to active learning. This involves creating a classroom environment where all students are valued and have a voice. In this classroom, teachers build meaningful connections with students and act as facilitators for student learning. Teachers also set norms that allow for civil discourse and the respectful expression of viewpoints and perspectives.

Making Personal Connections

Personal Connections

Making personal connections to content is at the heart of TCI’s approach to teaching. Each lesson begins with a preview activity that helps students build background knowledge and make connections to upcoming content. Lessons include opportunities for students to take part in authentic learning assignments in which they are encouraged to apply their personal voice and interests to demonstrate what they have learned.

See Why Social Studies Teachers Love TCI

Standards Correlations

TCI programs align to key state and national standards to simplify the process for teachers. We understand the challenge of trying to incorporate content that is important for your students that also simultaneously meets social studies standards within the state or nation. This is why we’ve worked hard on your behalf to create our TCI programs.

Find Your State and National Curriculum Standards

Flexible and Blended

Flexible and Blended Program

Our flexible curriculum is aligned with state social studies and ELA standards and allows teachers to seamlessly transition from the physical classroom to blended-learning environments using the various resources and tools in our digital platform. We are committed to making sure that our curriculum and products keep teachers and students ahead in the ever-changing world of education.

  • Online Lesson Plans
  • Student Handouts
  • Flexible Assignments, Assessments, and Grading
  • Enrichment Resources
  • Primary Sources Embedded in Social Studies Lessons
  • Easy-to-Follow Videos
  • Learning Management System Integrations including Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology
Build the future with TCI

Build the Future with TCI

Our social studies curriculum is built to help students develop critical thinking and complex schema. By partnering with TCI, you give your teachers what they need to help build the world of tomorrow.

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