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You want to create an effective and engaging classroom to help your students thrive and develop an appreciation (dare we say love?) for social studies. We get it. TCI is run by a team of committed and passionate teachers and administrators who want nothing but the best for their students, too. So we’ve integrated the California History-Social Science Standards and Framework into our lesson planning and teaching resources. With TCI, you can create a classroom that engages students while helping them master the curriculum.

Teacher Resources

Gain access to carefully created lesson plans that make it easy to engage students and help them grasp complex concepts. Our teacher resources include complete student resources, customizable assessments, and more. When planning lessons, you can rest assured that you will meet California History-Social Science Standards.

Student Resources: Print + Digital

Sometimes you may want a physical copy of student resources. That’s no problem with TCI. All of the resources your students need are available in print and digitally. You can opt for just digital resources, just physical, or blend them to create an educational environment that is perfect for you and your students.

Explore Our California Social Studies Programs

TCI’s programs meet California History-Social Science Standards and are highly interactive, making them ideal for engaging students in their history lessons. Keeping students intrigued about what they’re learning can help to keep them focused and invested in their education. Helping students understand the intricacies of the social world and history is a challenge for any teacher. TCI lessons are designed to present content in a way that helps students grasp important details while gaining an understanding of the big picture. Bonus: with TCI you won’t have to spend time modifying the content of your lesson plans to meet California social studies standards. All lesson plans meet California standards. And are fun and memorable, too!

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Themes Throughout History

Everything You Need in One Place

With a TCI online license, everything you need to create an engaging classroom is available in one place. Through our teacher and student resources, we make it more convenient than ever to prepare, teach and assign your social studies curriculum in the classroom. If you’re looking to simplify your lesson planning process with activities and lessons that meet your state standards and keep students captivated by their lessons, try our programs today.

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Tomorrow’s world is being built today by educators and their students. Provide teachers the resources they need to teach science and social studies to support student success. Help create a more engaging, immersive learning experience for every student.

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