Bring Science Alive! in Wyoming

TCI classrooms are active, fun, and immersive spaces where students confidently question and explore the world as scientists do.

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Make NGSS Easy and Engaging

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! programs are designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each unit is driven by a unique storyline that introduces an anchoring phenomenon that ties into the performance expectations.

From intriguing phenomena that get students asking questions to robust hands-on investigations, TCI’s programs make NGSS come alive.

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Easy to Adapt Science Investigations

Explore different facets of the anchoring phenomenon with hands-on investigations. Our lessons are easily modified based on your schedule and students’ needs.

Complete Teacher and Student Support

TCI’s programs include many reading tools, strategies, and activities to provide extra support for students. Each lesson includes differentiation to support English learners, advanced learners, and learners with special education needs.

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Flexible and Blended Science Programs

Using our print products and digital platform, TCI’s flexible curriculum allows you to transition seamlessly from the classroom to blended learning environments.

  • Print and Online Science Textbook and Questions
  • Ready-to-Use Material Kits
  • Online Lesson Plans
  • Flexible Assignments, Assessments, and Grading
  • Videos, Simulations, and Games
  • Interactive Reading Tools
  • Learning Management System Integrations

Why Science Teachers Love TCI

Discover how teachers across the country use TCI’s science programs to inspire and engage students. Explore stories from TCI teachers

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Bring Science Alive!

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