Free Social Studies Lessons

Make a splash this summer with our free lessons on:

  • Flag Day: Read about the history of the American flag and then recite the Pledge of Allegiance to honor Flag Day.
  • Juneteenth: In this free lesson learn about the holiday that has been celebrated by African Americans since 1865. Then, conduct research on the Juneteenth flag symbols to learn about their meanings.
  • Independence Day: Learn how people celebrate the birthday of the United States and other federal holidays in the American calendar. Then, reflect on what it means to be an American.


Download Biographies

Encourage students to keep up their learning during the summer with TCI’s biographies. This collection includes notable figures who have made significant contributions in science and history.

TCI’s ready-to-teach civics lessons prepare your students to become informed, civically-engaged members of their communities. Resources in this collection include:

  • Earth Day and Civics
  • Sea Turtle Season
  • The Constitutional Convention

Current Events Toolkit

Download the Current Events Toolkit

The Current Events Toolkit provides a structure for bringing current events into the curriculum. It includes strategies for navigating current events with your students. Resources include:

  • Strategies: Guide students through identifying perspectives, analyzing new stories, and discussing current events.
  • Graphic organizers: Main Idea /Detail, 5W’s, Evaluation Web
  • Class discussions: Sentence starters, speaking and listening checklists, and more
Current Events-News
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