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How Do Americans Celebrate?

Learn what Labor Day is and what it celebrates. Then, design unique badges to represent Labor Day.

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The Labor Movement

Read about how labor unions were formed, as well as the problems they sought to address. Then, play a game to demonstrate why it was beneficial, but often difficult, to form unions.

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Labor Market Protest

Human Capital and the Labor Market

Conduct research on worker exploitation and immigrant labor and use it to develop an informed stance. Then, write a blog post or opinion article supported by the reading and research.

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Learn about six labor leaders. Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they’ve learned.

Additional Resources

See these collections for additional Labor Day ideas.

Get a quick read on the history of Labor Day.

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History of the Holidays: Labor Day | History

Watch a video to learn about what inspired Labor Day and what events led to its creation.

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A Brief History of Unions

Learn about the history of organized unions in two minutes with this animated video presented by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

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