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Making Communities Better

Read about how Doniece Sandoval helped the homeless in San Francisco and answer questions based on the reading. Then, create a monument honoring Sandoval and her achievements.

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Mexican California

Examine images that demonstrate elements of Mexican Californian culture and analyze the significance of these elements and how they continue to influence California today. Then, conduct research and share about a topic concerning life in Mexican California.

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Mexicano Contributions to the Southwest

Analyze images and discuss questions in pairs to learn about important Mexicano contributions to the Southwest.

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The Impact of World War II on Americans

Explore how Mexican Americans were impacted by World War II, including the opportunities and hardships they faced. Then, create an engaging newsreel about Mexican Americans in World War II.

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Contribution of Latino Americans in Florida

Look at the contributions of Latino Americans in Florida through the lens of four core social sciences.

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Learn about and discuss 6 Hispanic historical figures.  Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they’ve learned.

Additional Resources

See these collections for additional ideas on teaching Hispanic Heritage Month.

Oakland Museum of California— Mexican California

Find out about Mexican California and what California is like between 1769 and the 1840s with this timeline organized by the Oakland Museum of California.

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Oakland Museum of California— Primary Sources by and about Mexicans, South Americans, and Californios

Investigate these primary sources to learn how the Spaniards used to refer to the Mexicans, South Americans, and Californios.

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Facing History and Ourselves

Download a free lesson about the 1968 East LA School Walkouts. This page contains materials, activities, and extensions to teach students about this important protest organized by Latinx students. 

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