TCI’s Elementary Program for Florida

TCI’s elementary program for Florida, Social Studies Alive!, is here! In this program, you’ll find a thoughtfully designed K-5 curriculum that engages students and prepares them to be active citizens.

Learn how TCI’s program immerses students in social studies, develops civics skills, integrates language arts, and meets your classroom needs.

Drive Student Engagement with Classroom Activities

From geography challenge games to a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, students engage with social studies through TCI’s hands-on classroom activities. The activities are easy to implement. Teachers guide the class with interactive slideshows, while students follow instructions directly in their Student Journals.

After participating in a Classroom Activity, students apply what they learned. With creative processing assignments, fun lesson games, and pre-made TCI Assessments, you have the tools you need to evaluate student understanding of the lesson’s concepts.

Develop Civics Skills

Civics is an important part of Social Studies Alive! Throughout the program, students have opportunities to learn key civics content, including the foundations of law, the importance of civics participation, and the structure and function of government.

Looking for extra civics content? TCI’s Civics Library includes civics mini-lessons that cover citizenship concepts in 30 minutes or less.

Meet Florida’s Benchmarks

Social Studies Alive! aligns with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies, including the recent changes to civics and government. Benchmarks are visible at the point of use and the Student Benchmark Report tracks student progress toward mastery of each benchmark.

Integrate Language Arts

Social Studies Alive! integrates reading and writing to help students develop language arts skills. From vibrant informational texts to thought-provoking primary sources, students have many opportunities to practice their reading skills.

For students who struggle with reading, extra support is embedded online, including leveled reading, text-to-speech, highlighting, main ideas, and more. The program is also available in Spanish to support dual immersion classrooms and English Learners.

There are also opportunities for students to write and develop evidence-based arguments. For example, each unit of Social Studies Alive! includes an Inquiry Project where students research a compelling question and use evidence from the lessons to construct an argument.

Meaningful Technology

All of TCI’s print materials are available online. Students and teachers can also access multimedia content like videos, songs, and games. Robust learning libraries, such as the Primary Source Library, allow students to deepen their understanding of history.

TCI’s digital platform is also compatible with popular learning management systems and rostering tools.

Interested in bringing Social Studies Alive! in your classroom? Learn more about the program.

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