Why Use TCI?

Point. Click. Discuss. TCI takes social studies online and straight to your students' imaginations with its interactive, engaging, and collaborative curriculum. Our comprehensive social studies curriculum for grades K-12 is aligned to your state's standards. But TCI doesn't just deliver great content, we also get results.

Increased Student Engagement

When you implement TCI in your classroom, students don't just read textbooks and answer questions. They discover information for themselves. They feel the emotions of historical figures. They reason through problems. They debate complex issues.

In TCI activities, students interact in pairs and groups so they are engaged in their own learning. There are also opportunities for personal reflection and processing. Giving students a variety of ways to experience content helps them better retain and recall key information.

Most importantly, when students are engaged, they love learning. TCI helps make social studies your students' favorite subject.

Differentiated Instruction

TCI helps all learners succeed with resources to reach English language learners, learners reading and writing below grade level, students with special needs, and advanced learners.

On-demand, Online Lesson Plans, Student Handouts,
and More

The days of waiting years for your textbook to be updated are over. All of TCI social studies curriculum is online so you can plan from anywhere, anytime. You decide what you want to print and what you want to show in your classroom. All you need is a computer, projector, and internet access and your social studies classroom will be transformed.

Teacher Support

TCI provides many online support options to its thousands of teachers throughout the United States. Conveniently scheduled webinars, idea sharing on Facebook and Twitter, insight, lessons and tips on the TCI Blog, and our signature TeacherGenius program all offer teachers the right support when they need it.



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