History Alive! The Ancient World (Florida Edition)

Teacher Print Features

Lesson Guide

Lesson Guide

• Taps students' multiple intelligences and motivates students to read with classroom activities

• Provides simple, step-by-step procedures for each lesson

• Lists materials for each lesson

• Includes easy-to-use assessments

Lesson Masters

Lesson Masters

• Contain reproducible student and teacher masters for classroom activities, organized
by chapter

• Include Student Handouts, Information Masters, and assessments



• Provide vibrant, colorful images

• Build and enhance visual literacy skills

• Offer a meaningful glimpse into other times and places



• Include full-color laminated picture cards

• Support hands-on activities

• Tap students' visual skills during active learning sessions

Audio Tracks

Audio Tracks

• Stimulates learning with musical recordings, dramatic readings, and audio effects

• Enhances the drama and realism of many student activities

Student Print Features

Student Edition

Student Edition

• Provides considerate text for students at all levels

• Contains well-structured and manageable chapters to help all students succeed

• Builds social studies and academic vocabulary

• Organizes each chapter around an Essential Question to focus student learning

• Enhances student comprehension with engaging, instructional images

Interactive Student Notebook

Interactive Student Notebook

• Engages student interest with Preview activities

• Enhances student understanding through graphically organized Reading and Activity Notes

• Helps students demonstrate mastery of new concepts and skills with Processing activities

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