Bring Science Alive! Earns Top Honors in EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! for grades K-5 and middle school, built from the ground up to align to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), is the winner of the 2022 EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award for best science solution. Chosen from among a competitive group of some of the top science programs in the country, TCI’s award-winning curriculum, developed with the guidance of an advisory board composed of the best minds in science instruction, combines hands-on learning with technology.

Celebrating its 12th year, the EdTech Digest Awards is the world’s largest recognition program for education technology, recognizing the biggest names in edtech – and those who soon will be. Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, higher education, and skills and workforce sectors.

“As events unfold on the world stage that seem to inch ever closer to an unknown precipice, we are reminded that the leaders and innovators of education technology have always worked on the edge,” said Victor Rivero, who, as editor-in-chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program. “The future-focused work they do is inspired by the infinite potential of all people to learn and thrive. It’s pushed forward by the human spirit. It’s the light that even through the darkest times always shines through.”

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! uses a blended learning approach to inspire and engage students as they make relevant connections between content and their everyday lives with phenomena-based storylines and rich case studies. Students engage in engineering challenges and investigations to design solutions directly related to disciplinary core ideas. Then they are evaluated at the end of each unit using a hands-on performance assessment. All materials are field-tested to ensure their effectiveness for all students, from emerging readers to English learners to advanced learners.

“Our science curriculum embraces today’s vision for how science should be taught by focusing on big-picture concepts and teaching students ‘how to do’ science, rather than memorizing facts,” said Marsha Ifurung, Director of Product Experience, TCI. “We are honored to have our engaging science curriculum honored by the EdTech Digest Awards program.”

Used by more than 100,000 teachers around the country, TCI’s science and social studies programs are based on proven teaching strategies and practices that bring education to life to achieve positive classroom results. Available on a digital platform, TCI’s programs allow teachers to deliver interactive lessons from any device–their laptop or tablet. Last September, TCI’s engaging social studies and science blended learning solutions were both honored with a 2021 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence for Back to School.

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