The Interactive Student Notebook

One of the most popular components of TCI programs is the Interactive Student Notebook. More than a drab, lifeless tool, the Interactive Student Notebook invites students to:

  • Become successful note takers
  • Get systematically organized
  • Create a portfolio of individual learning for historical memory

The three key elements of the Interactive Student Notebook are:

Preview Assignments

  • Are short and engaging
  • Draw a parallel between key social studies concepts and students' lives
  • Spark interest and activate prior knowledge
  • Prepare students to tackle new concepts

Students tap prior knowledge to connect to upcoming content in this Preview Assignment from the lesson "Spatial Inequality in Mexico City" from Geography Alive! Regions and People.

Graphically Organized Reading Notes

  • Use graphic organizers
  • Tap visual and linguistic intelligences
  • Contain testable information

Students use this graphic organizer of the sunken ship that they "explore" in the lesson "How and Why Europeans Came to the New World" from History Alive! America's Past.

Processing Assignments

  • Require higher-order thinking skills
  • Incorporate multiple intelligences
  • pply what students learned in the lesson

Students annotate a historical painting using word bank terms in the lesson "Manifest Destiny" from History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism.

Interactive Student Notebook

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