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Watch Our Bring Science Alive! Caravan Presentation

Take a quick look into our Bring Science Alive! program to learn about what’s unique about TCI and how you can teach and plan everything with our online learning platform while meeting the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards 2021.

Science Journals That Spark Curiosity

Ignite a passion for reading and learning science concepts with our easy-to-use, colorful science journals.

Science Journal

Click on the links below to view samples of the journals.

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Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5

Material Kits

TCI’s Materials Kits are prepared and organized to seamlessly integrate into each lesson. Everything you need for one lesson is grouped together into a clearly labeled bag.

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Designed for South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards 2021

The experts at TCI have created a unified, three-dimensional approach to the K-5 South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards 2021 that supports critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

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Anchoring Phenomenon

Our phenomena-based unit storylines are designed for South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards
2021 and are supported by Investigations, the Interactive Student Notebook, and Key Science Concepts.

Student-Led Inquiry

Interactive Engineering Challenges and Investigations provide students the opportunity to explore, design, and solve problems related to Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Three-Dimensional Learning

Three-Dimensional Learning

Every lesson connects to a Science and Engineering Practice, a Disciplinary Core Idea, and a Crosscutting Concept to support students’ Performance Expectations.

students participating in icebreaker during first day of school

Literacy In Science

Our curriculum interweaves literacy and science to strengthen communication and scientific understanding.

  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills are introduced in every science unit.
  • The rich content promotes a close reading of the text.
  • Blended informational and literary text selections are included.
  • Students use all three types of writing to draw evidence and support claims.
  • Structured “Science Talks” promote collaboration and communication.

Learn More About Our Embedded Literacy Frameworks

Bring science alive

Taking the Next Steps

We’re ready to support you every step of the way. TCI offers educators a variety of opportunities to expand their professional knowledge. Visit our Events page to attend an upcoming event.

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