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Bring Science Alive!

TCI’s award-winning online curriculum revolutionizing classrooms across the country. (3:13)

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TCI Classroom

Built from the ground up to support the OASS, TCI’s Bring Science Alive! programs transform middle science classrooms into a multifaceted learning experience, both in class and in the distance learning environment. Our blended learning approach inspires and engages students as they make relevant connections between content and their everyday lives with phenomena-based storylines and rich case studies.

Designed for Oklahoma Academic Science Standards (OASS)

The experts at TCI have created a unified, three-dimensional approach to the K-8 OASS-aligned curriculum that supports students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

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Anchoring Phenomenon

Our phenomena-based unit storylines are designed for OASS and supported by Investigations, the Interactive Student Notebook, and Key Science Concepts.

Student-Led Inquiry

Interactive Engineering Challenges and Investigations provide students the opportunity to explore, design, and solve problems related to Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Three-Dimensional Learning

Three-Dimensional Learning

Every lesson connects to a Science and Engineering Practice, a Disciplinary Core Idea, and a Crosscutting Concept to support students’ Performance Expectations.


Product Demo

Take a quick look into our Bring Science Alive! program to learn about what’s unique about TCI and how you can teach and plan everything with our online learning platform while meeting the OASS standards.

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We have got you covered

Phenomena-Rich Program

Bring Science Alive! provides many opportunities for students to engage with, investigate, and make sense of natural phenomena in their own lives.

Complete Investigation Kits and Student Resources

Every unit includes memorable, engaging activities and comprehensive Investigation Kits that provide the materials, tools, and supplemental resources teachers need to bring interactive lessons to life.

  • Interactive Student Workbooks
  • Fully-Stocked Investigation Kits
  • Online Lesson Games and Activities
  • Print and Digital Textbooks
  • Professionally-Translated Spanish Components

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Thinking Like an Engineer

TCI Bring Science Alive! programs approach engineering in fun and engaging ways that help students master the engineering process. Throughout the program, students are prompted to solve real-world problems in Engineering Challenges. Students come together as a team, each with a specific role, to develop solutions, conduct iterative testings, and use data to improve their solutions.

  • Defining the Engineering Problems
  • Developing Possible Solutions
  • Optimizing the Design Solution
Check Student Progress

Easily Check Student Progress

Measure and report on student progress with ease, using customizable assessments at the lesson and unit level.

  • Customizable Lesson Assessments provide selected- and constructed-response questions that incorporate three dimensions of OASS and include answer keys and rubrics.
  • Unit-Based Performance Assessments include hands-on activities and written oral assignments that assess student understanding in a meaningful, comprehensive way.

Digital Simulations

With TCI’s Bring Science Alive! program, students explore and build on their understanding of science concepts and phenomena by experimenting with a variety of digital simulations. These interactive simulations are strategically placed in Lesson Guide slides to facilitate class discussions and in the online Reference Text so students can explore phenomena just like real scientists and engineers do!

Bring science alive

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